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Discovering the practice of Soto Zen, learning to meditate and finding a place of practice in a town or in a monastery.

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Portes Ouvertes - dimanche 27 avril 2014 - 08/04/2014More info…

The Weiterswiller buddhist monastery celebrates it's fifteenth anniversary this year. On this occasion members of the mainly french and german community are organising an open day on the 27th of April 2014 from 14:00 to 18:30.

Visitors, big or small, will have the opportunity to ring the new monastery bell, a 900 kilo japanese bell inaugurated to mark the occasion.  

1999-2014 : The monasteries 15th anniversary - 14/02/2014More info…

On the first of april 1999, at the instigation of Master Reigen Wang-Genh, a buddhist monastery was born on the edge of a forest in the Vosges. The construction was conceived as a cross border project between the french and german members of our Sangha. 

Intended as a place for both long and short retreats it has welcomed thousands of people over the years sho came to discover and deepen zen sôtô practice.

Program for 2014 ! Available for download - 06/02/2014More info…

In this colour brochure you will find details of all the monastery's activities for 2014. Also available inside is a list of dojos (practice places) in France, Germany and Austria. 

Humanitarian Project: Rebuilding a preschool in Japan - 19/07/2013More info…

Many schools, including preschools, remain destroyed since Japan's devastating tsunami in 2011. In some villages occupants live in temporary houses, and children attend school in provisional classrooms.

Zen meditation

Zazen, seated meditation

Zazen, seated meditation, is the practice which allowed the Buddha to attain enlightenment 2600 years ago. It is the heart of Zen Buddhism, during which attention is placed on the exact alignment of the posture, the natural flow of the breath, and the rise and fall of thoughts.  Zazen is also known as Shikantaza or simply sitting. Regular practice of zazen generates a peaceful mind, a clear spirit, and can create true stability in the midst of the many challenges inherent in human existence. The secret of Zen is to simply sit, without goals or expectations of profit, while focused on the seated posture.

Ryumon Ji Monastery

Ryumon Ji Monastery : Dragon Gate temple of the Ancient Mountain

Situated betwen a vast forest of several thousand acres and the small village of Weiterswiller (50 km north of Strasbourg), Ryumon Ji Monastery consists of several buildings at the centre of which lies the Buddhist chapel. There is also a vegetable garden, a flower garden, a garden of medicinal herbs, and a rock garden. 

Strasbourg zen buddhist center


Centre de bouddhisme zen
21, rue des Magasins
67000 Strasbourg
Tél 03 88 75 06 50

Sôtô ZEN Teaching


Master Deshimaru Roshi


On the advice of his teacher, Taisen Deshimaru came to Europe in the beginning of 1967, where he remained until his death in 1982. France became the European landing place for Zen Buddhism, and it offered an ideal terrain in which to sow a Zen both anchored in daily life and present in the social world.  During the 15 years he spent in Europe, Master Taisen Deshimaru created more than 100 dojos in cities across Europe, and he founded the first major Zen Temple in Europe, La Gendronnière, located in the Loire Valley.

The Dana house, a buddhist chapel




The house of Dâna is a three-floor building located in the enclosure of the Ryumon Ji monastery.

There is a Buddhist chapel on the top floor, accessible from the street and open to the public. On this floor, there is also a room for teaching and kesa sewing. The ground floor houses the dojo (meditation room), surrounded by wooden terraces and a stone garden. The basement is reserved for various works with a workshop and storage rooms.


German language sangha



Sitz : Offenburg

Vorsitzender : Konrad Tenkan Beck
Postanschrift : Förderkreis Ryumonji
c/o   Beck Marktplatz 3 D 91438 Bad Windsheim
mail : beck-buero(at)web.de

Bitte sprechen Sie uns an, wenn Sie Ansprechpartner suchen in den Dojos oder im Ryumon Ji. Gerne stehen wir für allgmeine Auskünfte zur Verfügung.