Long term zen retreat of 3 weeks - Spring 2017 - Beginners are welcome

Spring's long term zen retreat - 3 weeks - is the opportunity to discover or strengthen the practice of zen meditation and experience the life of the monks in a Buddhist temple. The days at the temple are organized around meditation periods (zazen), teachings, ceremonies, meals shared in silence, activities for the community (samou) and periods of exchanges with others.

From Monday April 10 (5 P.M.) to Monday May 1 (3 P.M.)



The beginners are supported by experienced monks and nuns. 

The teachings are given by the abbot of the monastery, Master Olivier Reigen Wang-Ghen who is assisted by monks and nuns. 

This long term retreat includes two sesshin of 3-4 days each, including one in silence. Sesshin are intensive periods of sitting meditation and teachings with practitioners coming from France, Germany and all over Europe. 

More information on the progress of a typical day at the temple (outside sesshin times): http://meditation-zen.org/fr/sejourner-monastere-retraite-courte


(Teaching, housing and meals included)

- Long term retreat  from April 10 until May 1: 342 € / 255 € (students, unemployed people) - THIS PRICE IS ALL INCLUSIV

- Gotan-e, silent sesshin from April 14 until April 17 (included): 146€ / 113€ (students, unemployed people)

- Sesshin from April 29 until May 1: 114€ / 93 € (students, unemployed people) 

+ 15€ membership to the ATZW association

+ Bed sheet rental: 6€




Meditation (zazen): kimono OR comfortable dark clothes for the practice + zafu (black or brown meditation cushion)

Meals: bowl + spoon + fork + 1 big dark table towel to wrap the bowl + 1 small white towel (napkin-like) 

Beds: 1 person duvet cover + 1 person fitted sheet + pillowcase

Everyday needs: Shoes and clothes fitted for work, sandals or thongs (which can be taken off easily), indoor shoes. 

Some appliances may be borrowed at the temple.



By train 

If you come from Ingwiller station, please adapt your arrival with the reception. 

Transportation fees Indweller - Temple: 4€



Monastère Ryumon Ji

7, rue du château d'eau

67340 Weiterswiller - Alsace - FRANCE


03 88 89 26 02 (du mardi au dimanche, 9h30-12h).


Facebook : Zen Tempel Kosanryumonji

Twitter : BouddhismeZEN

Instagram : zen.temple.ryumonji


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