Advice for daily life and practice after a Zen retreat

Dear all,

Over the past few months, many people came to the monastery for a first retreat. In order to help go back to daily life and to suggest some ideas for a day-to-day practice, we sent them the information below. You may find it useful too.

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At the temple, the conditions are rather ideal. It is easy to get up early, to stay focused, and to forget the daily worries. At home, at work, with your family, you can also follow a spiritual practice. So, once you get back home, how can you maintain these good habits and – why not? – go further?


Stay connected with a Sangha

The “sangha” is the community of practitioners. A group of persons, elder practitioners, mutual supportive people

Find a place to practice near to your home

Practise with Zen Online

Microphones have been installed in the dojo and the monastery chapel. They are switched on at the beginning of each zazen and each ceremony for a broadcast on our internet site.

How does it work? It is very simple: you will find an audio player on this page, press “play” and raise the volume. No password needed.


Come to the monastery regulary

You will be able to deepen your practice there, ask questions to the master, to the monks and nuns, and to travel on a spiritual path which is both ancient and perfectly adapted to modern society. Once or twice a year, or more if you can

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Also available: the private group " La Sangha du Dragon ", created and maintained by practitioners from the sangha. Friendly atmosphere; registration available to people who have already come to the temple

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Set up your daily rituals

The rituals are repeated practices with a deep meaning. They give a sense to our existence. Because they are repeated, they set our lives on track, without having to appeal to will power.

Light incense each morning to start the day.

Decide on one or several regular days to practice zazen in order to set up a habit.

Try to take your meals in silence as often as possible.

At the end of each day, close the day by doing 3 deep bows, so as to end your day in a spiritual way and vow to continue practising.




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