Advice for daily life and practice after a Zen retreat More info…

Dear all,

Over the past few months, many people came to the monastery for a first retreat. In order to help go back to daily life and to suggest some ideas for a day-to-day practice, we sent them the information below. You may find it useful too.

Climate and ecology, some Buddhist lines of thought... More info…

Over the last few months, Buddhists have committed themselves to taking an active part in the reflections on climate change. These exchanges of views were held within the Buddhist Union of France (climate change was the main topic of the "Buddhist Assizes" last month in Paris) and also with other political and inter-religious institutions (the French Senate, the Conference of Religious Leaders of France). This was in preparation for the world conference on climate which will take place in Paris next November ( COP 21)...

Release of the documentary " Zazen : Pratique de la méditation zen" - RUNNING TIME 26 MINUTES - More info…

Now available !!

A documentary film " ZAZEN, pratique de la MEDITATION ZEN". Running time 26 minutes - directed by Stanislas Wang-Genh. Watch the trailer ... share the news !

Day of zazen for Master Deshimaru: MAY 3rd More info…

On Sunday, May 3rd, we propose a day of practice in homage to Master Deshimaru, who passed away 38 years ago. (April 30, 1982)

All the Grande Sangha will take part in it, at La Gendronnière, in all the affiliated temples and monasteries throughout Europe, and among the practitioners who cannot move during this period of confinement.

Message from master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh - 14 April 2020 More info…

Dear friends of the sangha,

In order to help you practice with ZEN ON LINE in the coming weeks, here is the program for the next sesshin. 

I hope you and your families and loved ones are in good health.

We have been saying it a lot these last few days: this period of retreat and lockdown forces us to change our behavioral habits and especially to question our lifestyles and social functioning. What can be felt as frustration and restriction can also be experienced as a great opportunity for change and reflection on ourselves and our relationship to the world and to life.

Our daily practice of Zen meditation is a real treasure in this period and all the sangha present at Ryumonji have been mobilized for several weeks and thank you for your support.
Let's continue to practice together "ON LINE"!

We will also organize days of practice "ON LINE", information will be communicated week after week. All daily schedules remain the same, except of course during sesshin.

Fraternal friendships,

Olivier Reigen WANG-GENH

ZEN ONLINE - during containment: let's stay connected! More info…

The RYUMONJI temple is at your side: during the confinement, we change the hours of Zen ONLINE. For more practice.


We add periods of zazen and ceremonies that you can follow every day. No hosan ( day off ) : we want to stay connected with you to support you on a daily basis. Take care of yourself and good practice

Only one link to connect you:

Zen-online  + the zen-online program

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: COVID 19 - Monday 16 March More info…

Message updated on March 16, 2020 (replaces the previous one)
Good morning, everyone,
Following Emmanuel Macron's communication last night, we have taken the following decisions:
- The next sesshin, March 20-22, is cancelled...
- concerning the April sesshin we will decide at the end of March, depending on the evolution of the situation.

- Arrivals at the temple are no longer allowed, scheduled stays are cancelled.

    If you were registered for a sesshin or a stay, your deposit will remain valid for the whole year 2020.

2018 retreats in our parent temple : La Gendronnière (France near Blois) More info…

Once again this year the zen practitioners from Ryumonji will go to the temple La Gendronnière at various times for zen retreats. This temple, in the centre of France was founded by the japanese master Taisen Deshimaru. Situated in the heart of a magnificent forest it is both a meeting place for the various sanghas and an international practice place. Below you can discover the retreats where we will be attending :

Retreat in silence ( sesshin ) from thursday the 6th of september (7pm ) to sunday the 9th of september More info…

A retreat period in complete silence will take place in September at the Zen monastery Ryumonji (Alsace, France)

For 3 days you can seek peace of mind in the best conditions and learn or deepen your  practice of Zen meditation (zazen). Beginners welcome.

Zen meditation (EN tempo)

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