Master Saikawa Roshi’s coming + Hossen Shiki ceremony

In February, we will be greatly pleased to receive once more the Japanese Master Saikawa Roshi.

He will be present at the temple for 2 days, in particular to supervise the Hossen ceremony of monk Christian Dosen Helbock, co-person in charge of Vienna’s dojo (Austria).

Short term retreat, with Saikawa Roshi

Everybody who wishes to come to the temple on this occasion is welcome.



Arrival: on Thursday, February 1st around 6:00 p.m.

Departure: on Sunday morning after the brunch

Master Saikawa will direct some zazen sessions and will give teachings.




90 euros / 70 euros

Hossen ceremony

It will take place on Saturday, February 3rd, in the morning.

It is possible to come to the temple at this moment; the ceremony is opened to all.

The ceremony will be followed by a meal (15 euros). On registration only, at the secretariat of the temple


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