Kinhin, walking meditation

Kinhin is practiced between two periods of zazen. The practitioner focuses his or her attention on every aspect of the posture while walking in rhythm with the breath. 

Maître Wang-Genh

In kinhin, the left hand creates a fist with the thumb tucked inside, and the base of the thumb presses on the solar plexus. The right hand covers the left hand, and the shoulders are relaxed. Otherwise, the upper half of the body is positioned exactly as in zazen; the lower abdomen relaxed, the neck relaxed, the chin tucked in, and the gaze lowered.

During a deep and calm exhalation the ball of the big toe on the front foot presses into the ground as the rear leg relaxes. At the end of the exhalation, the inhalation naturally follows and the body relaxes as a half step forward is taken.  


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