20th anniversary events at the zen temple Ryumoni

For the 20th anniversary of the temple we organised an Open Day last june. This was a public event to celebrate the anniversary with the inhabitants of the region. At the end of november the festivities continue but this time for the sangha!

Join us for the different ceremonies and key moments of this anniversary described in detail below.



  1. Special anniversary weekend
  2. Samou week and anniversary
  3. Rôhatsu sesshin and anniversary

1. Week-end special anniversary – saturday 30th november / Sunday 1st december


For two days different ceremonies will be performed at the temple with the 20th anniversary as the high point on the sunday morning. A delegation of monks from Soji-Ji will be present and in particular the Kannin Otogowa Roshi and Saikawa Roshi

Saturday 30th novembre

10:30am : Inauguration of the Sanmon, the main entrance to the temple and unveiling of the calligraphy drawn by Egawa Zenji (the Soji Ji Zenji) Tai Ko San

11am : Ceremony to recognise Ryumon Ji as a “branch temple” of Soji Ji. The ceremony will be conducted by Otogawa Roshi, Soji Ji Kannin.

11:45am : Ceremony for the well being of Egawa Zenji and to assist in the diffusion of the Dharma. Ceremony conducted by Wang-Genh Roshi

12:30am : Lunch

1:30pm : Jichin Sai Laying of the first stone of the new dojo. This will be a traditionally constructed wooden building with seating for 120 people. (Construction starts in 2020)

4pm : Hossen Shiki. Dharma combat ceremony for Stanislas Komyo Wang-Genh. In the presence of Saikawa Roshi.

Sunday 1st december

10:30am : Ceremony to pay hommage to deceased monks and nuns who have helped with the diffusion of Soto zen in Europe. Ceremony conducted by Saikawa Roshi/

11am : Ceremony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Ryumon Ji. Ceremony conducted by Otogawa Roshi.

11:30am : Ceremony for the health and long life of the members of the Ryumon Ji sangha. Ceremony conducted by Wang-Genh Roshi

12pm : Speeches



Please reserve by mail as quickly as possible to help us make sure organisation of the event goes smoothly. info@meditation-zen.org

Arrival on friday evening, departure on sunday about 3pm after tidying of the temple.


Price for the special anniversary weekend : 140 euros / 110 euros

Price for saturday only (including lunch) : 65 euros / 50 euros

Price for sunday only (including lunch) : 50 euros / 35 euros


Important : the prices indicated above allow us to finance the japanese masters travel expenses.



2. Samou week and anniversary

In order to prepare such a special weekend there will be a lot of samou beforehand. Of course we want to prepare the event carefully to show the temple in its best light. There will be different samous at the temple, handywork, tidying, cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc..

Anybody willing to participate is welcome either for the whole week or for just a few days.


Whole week (from monday evening to sunday afternoon including the anniversary) : 143 euros / 118 euros

Nightly rate : 38 euros / 29 euros

From monday evening to friday (excluding ceremonies) : 128 euros / 106 euros

3. Rohatsu sesshin and anniversary

This year the Rohatsu sesshin starts with a weekend of ceremonies. The temple will be filled with a wonderful energy before the plunge into the Great Silence!

Practitioners for the Rohatsu arrive on friday evening to participate in the different ceremonies, offer their samou and enter little by little into the concentration of Rohatsu. The traditional explanations at the beginning of Rohatsu (Teisho by master Wang-Genh on the spirit of the sesshin, opening ceremony) will start at 4pm on sunday precisely.


Friday 29th november late afternoon : arrival

Sunday 1st december 4pm : beginning of the sesshin

Saturday 6th december 3pm : end of Rohatsu after tidying of the temple.

Saturday evening : meal for those who with to stay until sunday

Rate : 270 euros / 216 euros ( students, unemployed)

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