Message updated on March 16, 2020 (replaces the previous one)
Good morning, everyone,
Following Emmanuel Macron's communication last night, we have taken the following decisions:
- The next sesshin, March 20-22, is cancelled...
- concerning the April sesshin we will decide at the end of March, depending on the evolution of the situation.

- Arrivals at the temple are no longer allowed, scheduled stays are cancelled.

    If you were registered for a sesshin or a stay, your deposit will remain valid for the whole year 2020.

The following are the measures taken in the monastery for the daily life and safety of the residents:

    - non-contact frontal temperature taking of people arriving on retreat
    - regular handwashing information
    - use of hydroalcoholic solutions
    - masks available
    - daily disinfection of door handles
    - containment of sick or weak people, whatever their symptoms may be


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