Day of zazen for Master Deshimaru: MAY 3rd

On Sunday, May 3rd, we propose a day of practice in homage to Master Deshimaru, who passed away 38 years ago. (April 30, 1982)

All the Grande Sangha will take part in it, at La Gendronnière, in all the affiliated temples and monasteries throughout Europe, and among the practitioners who cannot move during this period of confinement.

The program will be as follows


06h30- 08h00 : zazen/kin hin/zazen

08h00-08h30  : morning ceremony: Hannya shingyo, lineage of the patriarchs up to Master Keizan, eko and Ji ho san shi

10h30-12h00 : zazen/kin hin/zazen

12h00 : ceremony in memory of Master Deshimaru : Daihi shin darani, incense offering, special eko for Sensei, Ji ho san shi - the special eko will be put online on the AZI website. (

03h30 - 05h00 : zazen/kin hin/zazen; end of day dedication, fueko, Ji ho san shi

Everything will be broadcast on zen online

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