Rôhatsu sesshin : intensive, silent meditation retreat - december 2018


During the first week of december the traditional Rohatsu sesshin will take place at the soto zen monastery of Ryumonji. This is a unique opportunity to deepen one's practice by plunging, in silence, into sitting meditation, zazen.


Rôhatsu's literal meaning is "the eighth day of the twelth month". The 8th of december is traditionally kept as a commemoration of the awakening of Shâkyamuni Buddha. It was on this day that Shakyamuni was enlightened when he saw the evening star after having spent several weeks in zazen.

In order to celebrate this historic occasion zen temples organise a Rôhatsu sesshin.


The specificity of this sesshin is that it involves a more or less continuous practice of zazen for 12 to 14 hours a day, in complete silence and with only minimal teaching or samou.

Everything is focussed on zazen which starts very early in the morning and finishes around 9:30pm.


This will be the 13th Rôhatsu Sesshin at Ryumon Ji monastery.


It will take place between saturday 1st of december (4pm) and saturday 8th of december 2018 (3pm)


The teaching will be given by the Buddhist master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh. Possibility of Dokusan every day (individual interview)





This Rôhatsu sesshin is of course open to all. It is an irreplaceable experience for any practitioner of the way of Buddha.



For this sesshin in particular it is strongly recommended to attend the whole retreat from beginning to end.


Practical information : see this page


Prices : 265 euros/ 212 euros ( student)


Pictures Rohatsu 2014. 


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