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Between 12:30 and 13:30 on mondays and fridays

The strasbourg zen buddhist centre proposes a time of silence on monday and friday between 12:30 and 1:30pm. These sessions require no preparation or reservation. Just come to the dojo ten minutes before the start of the session.

Modern life is full of noise, tension and agitation. Places where it is possible to quieten body and mind without fear of interruption are rare.

The zen dojo is such a place, situated in the centre of the city with plenty of space and a peacefull atmosphere. Anybody wishing to spend a moment in silence during the day is welcome.


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It is of course possible to meditate, but also to pray or simply to spend a moment of calm. There are no rituals. You may adopt whatever posture is appropriate for you practice : cushions, small meditation benches and chairs are available.

Come as you are! We sit for forty minutes then we leave. The only rule is to avoid disturbing the other participants.

These sessions are the result of discussions in our dojo about how we can respond to the difficulties of modern life. A moment of peace and silence during the day is something precious.

A donation box is available for all people who wish to participate to expense of dojo. 


France 3 Alsace

Lundi 17 janvier 2011 : A short clip from the local television station France 3 Alsace filmed during a session of "Méditation pour tous".



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