Workshop zen and creativity from the 1th to the 5th of july 2019

Over the centuries and across many countries Zen has always shown remarkable creativity. All the arts related to this practice of presence and unity with the present moment, be it flower arranging, calligraphy, painting, poetry or pottery express the creativity and spontaneity of the work as it is without seeking to correct or transform.


For these few days in Ryumonji participants will be able to practice this presence in the moment and discover, in the context of monastery life, its calm and deeply inspiring effect. 

They will also learn the practice of Zazen, zen meditation, guided by experienced monks and nuns.

For the participants each day will become a source of creativity and unity with the world.

Arrival on monday 1st july at 2pm : Workshop setup and introduction to zen meditation.


Leave on friday 5th of july about 3pm after tidying of the monastery.


Program Zen & Creativity


6:00 : Morning bell

6:30 : zazen, seated meditation

7:30 : ceremony

8:00-8:30 : genmai, ritualised breakfast chanting sutras

9:00-12:00 : workshops

12:30-13:00 : vegetarian and bio meal taken using oryoki (traditional bowls)

14:30-17:00 : workshops

18:45-20:00 : zazen (seated meditation), teaching by Maître Wang-Genh. Evening ceremony and offering the days work to all beings

20:15 : Evening meal (vegetarian)


The different workshops (choose one on registration) :


NEW IN 2019: "Shiatsu and Dô-In" - Communication by touch

Shiatsu (finger pressure) is a technique of Japanese origin whose theoretical foundations are derived from traditional Chinese medicine. By acting on all meridians, shiatsu, listening to the patient and his ailments, harmonizes the circulation of Qi in the body, releases tensions or blockages and rebalances the body's main functions.

The workshop is hands-on, where you will learn the basic postures and gestures of shiatsu (katas). It also includes practical sessions (self-massage and flexible stretching) whose beneficial effects are felt both in daily life and in the practice of zazen.

Theoretical elements on Qi, meridians, Yin-Yang and the diagnosis of Hara will be discussed.


The teacher

Closely linked to Japan and its traditions, Christine Marie Bottin studied Japanese and worked on traditional arts, transmission, artistic and craft practices, Buddhism.

A disciple of Master Taisen Deshimaru, she began practicing zazen in 1978 and was ordained a nun in 1981. Since 2009, she has been studying and practicing shiatsu from the Iokai school taught by K. Sasaki (direct lineage of S. Masunaga).







Zen and calligraphy, harmonising the use of the body and the art of calligraphy.

This workshop will enable beginners to discover the art of the brush, learn basic kanji and of course the appropriate posture and breathing. More experienced attendants can deepen their knowledge of kanji and composition.



Workshop led by:


Jacques Kugen Foussadier born in Paris on 8.12.1942. After seven years of fine arts studies in paris and rouen and encouraged by his teachers he turned to the east. In 1969 he started the long apprenticeship of brush, rice paper and ink with master Ung-No Lee. Calligraphy, this art of line which reflects the state of mind and allows of no correction. One single path, concentration and unending repetition unify subject and object and thus become the means of producing work as naturaly as a mountain spring produces water.






Zen and Chi-Kung

QiGong exercises (Qi = vital energy; Gong = exercises) were developped centuries ago in china. They aim to improve energy flows in the body and contribute to maintaining good health

Using basic physical movements blocages and muscular tensions are released and posture is sharpened.

The workshop is intended for both beginners and people experienced in QiGong wishing to spend a few days practicing in the calm of the temple.



Workshop led by:

Stefan Reimon Müller-Hieke, a Zen Monk who has practiced QiGong for about twenty years guided by various teachers.

He qualified as a teacher under the Shaolin monk Shi Xingui as well as with disciples of the american taoist master Bruce Frantzis.






Zen and ceramics : Building and Raku firing

During this workshop you will learn the different methods of construction in ceramics (slab, coil and pinched). From this base you will build several pots. Next comes a phase of decoration and enameling followed by a RAKU firing. The work will be heated to 950°C before being removed, incandescent, from the kiln and plunged in sawdust. Always exciting! Thus we will see a full cycle of ceramic creation and each participant will leave with several finished pots or sculptures that they have made.


Workshop led by :



Véronique Bader has worked on ceramics for 20 years and was trained by teachers from various schools, some traditional potters, others artists. At the same time she followed courses at the Institut Européen des Arts Céramiques de Guebwiller and attended workshops with the renowned artist  Camille Virot. She regularly organises raku firings with groups of beginners, other artists or for her own researches into texture, form and enamel. She will be assisted by Alan Cowderoy for this workshop.



Zen and kesa sawing – 5 days workshop NEW !!!


One of the traditional practices of Soto Zen Buddhism is the sewing of the kesa, a garment identical to the one worn by Shakyamuni Buddha 2500 years ago. He had gathered pieces of fabric from various sources to form a long garment and cover his body. The kesa exists in a smaller version, the rakusu: worn daily, it reminds the practitioner of his commitment to the path of Zen.

During this workshop, you will learn the rules of assembling these garments, discover a peaceful and concentrated way of working and develop qualities of patience and perseverance.

The necessary equipment will be provided: black fabric, needles, yarn, silk, etc.

Experienced teachers who themselves learned the art from older monks and nuns will be present to guide you.





369 euros / 279 euros

450 euros / 350 euros raku workshop (pour les frais de matériel )

215 euros // 160 euros kesa sawing workshop

To be able to participate in the activities of the Kosan Ryumon-Ji Zen Temple, you must be a member of the Weiterswiller Zen Temple Association. (Annual subscription: 15 €).


The equipment is provided for the different activities but you can bring your own.

For meditation (zazen): kimono OR comfortable and dark clothing for practice + zafu (black or brown meditation cushion),

for meals: bowl + spoon + fork + a large dark cloth to wrap the bowl + a small white handkerchief towel,

for beds: duvet cover 1 person + fitted sheet 1 person + pillowcase - Attention: NO SLEEPING BAGS please!

Sheets rental: 6 € (2 € / piece)


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