Consciousness during zazen

"As consciousness dwells on nothing, the true self emerges." Diamond sutra

Just as correct breathing depends on correct posture, the mental attitude of natural and deep concentration depends on both posture and breathing. 


During zazen, images, thoughts, and the mental structures of the subconscious pass like clouds in the sky and vanish naturally. As personal thoughts are not entertained, consciousness beyond thinking and not-thinking arises. Thus the return to the natural condition of the mind. 

Master Wanshi said: "While in silence, all words are forgotten and replaced by clarity."

This is the reality of our lives in unity with the cosmic order. Without trying to attain the truth, without trying to suppress illusions, without chasing or avoiding anything, dualistic consciousness melts away. We get to know  ourselves, and begin to harmonize with the true nature of our existence.  We become free.

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