Summer Retreats - Meditation and Buddhism - June, July, August, September 2019 More info…

Several retreat periods are offered by the buddhist monastery Ryumonji (Alsace, France) during the summer. There is a special reduced rate if you come for a three week period of zen buddhist practice and meditation (zazen). Beginners are welcome to attend during this summer period, there will be introductions organised specifically for them and a monk or nun will be available to assist them.


Workshop zen and creativity from the 1th to the 5th of july 2019 More info…

Over the centuries and across many countries Zen has always shown remarkable creativity. All the arts related to this practice of presence and unity with the present moment, be it flower arranging, calligraphy, painting, poetry or pottery express the creativity and spontaneity of the work as it is without seeking to correct or transform.

2018 retreats in our parent temple : La Gendronnière (France near Blois) More info…

Once again this year the zen practitioners from Ryumonji will go to the temple La Gendronnière at various times for zen retreats. This temple, in the centre of France was founded by the japanese master Taisen Deshimaru. Situated in the heart of a magnificent forest it is both a meeting place for the various sanghas and an international practice place. Below you can discover the retreats where we will be attending :

Retreat in silence ( sesshin ) from thursday the 6th of september (7pm ) to sunday the 9th of september More info…

A retreat period in complete silence will take place in September at the Zen monastery Ryumonji (Alsace, France)

For 3 days you can seek peace of mind in the best conditions and learn or deepen your  practice of Zen meditation (zazen). Beginners welcome.

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